Flat or curved surface flexible linear lighting3
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Flat or curved surface flexible linear lighting

Discover the ultimate solution for creative professionals to enhance buildings and urban elements with our full PU glue strip rope LED lights no sleeve. These bendable, side-bend or top-bend lights come with straight or curved profile installation options, allowing infinite color possibilities on flat and curved surfaces. With performance reliability in extreme conditions, create stunning RGB and dynamic scenarios with DALI and DMX interfaces. IP68-rated for durability.

Per meter with 120pcs Taiwan Epistar 3014 type LED

Power input DC24V

Beam Angle: 120°

Power consumption: 12W per meter

Top view strip light output 3,000K : 636 lumens per meter
                   4,000K : 756 lumens per meter
                   6,500K : 792 lumens per meter

Side view strip light output 3,000K : 480 lumens per meter
                   4,000K : 510 lumens per meter
                   6,500K : 530 lumens per meter

Size:10 (W)x20.5 (H)mm side bend

       15 (W)x16 (H)mm top bend